Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bill?

1. My preference is to bill based on projects. Get your requirements, estimate the work, submit you a quote with schedule and cost.
2. I am also available on monthly contract based billing.
3. If you wish, I can bill by hours. I am flexible and we can work it out as per your choice.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), invoice, payment mode?

1. Yes. If you have a standard NDA, send it across. Otherwise, I have a standard document which we can use.
2. Yes, I will submit you a formal invoice.
3. Phone-Pe, G-Pay, wire-transfer – as per your convinience.

I have a little work to do, will you do it?

1. I accept work ranging from a few hours to projects that span months.
2. I give the same importance to all sizes of work.

How do you execute the work?

1. I work based on agile development methodology.
2. Get the initial requirements. Start iteration sprint, do the development..
3. Upload to the test server and give access to the client. At the end of every sprint. Get feedback.
4. Incorporate feedback and proceed with planned iterations development.
5. Iterate and repeat the above.